Floaters Insurance

At Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. it’s important to us that we provide the local community with high quality coverage strategies that everyone can fully rely on. The thing about insurance is that it’s supposed to do just that—insure. Insurance coverage is meant to leave you feeling confident that what matters most to you is covered and protected from the unexpected.

Here at Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. we take pride in the ability to give you the assurance you long for in an insurance brokerage—and are happy to offer the additional security you need for you home and personal belongings through our customizable Valuable Articles / Floater Insurance packages.

Valuable Article / Floater Insurance is type of insurance policy that provides additional coverage where other policies may fall short. Valuable Article / Floater Insurance can cover anything from jewelry or a precious family heirloom to expensive stereo equipment.

Oftentimes homeowners insurance, for example, will not fully cover some items – such as fine jewelry, your prestigious art collection or even beloved family treasures – but adding Floater coverage assures that you as the homeowner can be granted the full value or a replacement in the event of theft, loss or damage.

Valuable Article / Floater Insurance policies generally cover only one individual item, so keep in mind that if you have several items for which you want full coverage, you may need to consider the need to get a floater for each.

At Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. we understand that you have worked hard to acquire your personal possessions—so why allow these items to be at risk? Give us a call today, one of our dedicated insurance experts would be happy to speak with you regarding your Floater Insurance needs!