Florida Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance helps to mediate losses to moving or movable property; also known as “goods in transit”—and despite the term, “marine”, oftentimes inland marine coverage is for property on land.

Inland marine insurance is a product that most definitely should be considered when creating a comprehensive business insurance plan. Originally its purpose was to protect goods which were transported over water, and has since evolved to cover goods in transit on land as well, such as:

  • Property being transported
  • Buildings under construction
  • Computer or tech equipment and data
  • Account receivable
  • Fine artwork, furs, jewelry, etc.
  • Valuable papers
  • And more…

Does your business require inland marine coverage?

Depending upon the size and type of business enterprise you manage, inland marine insurance may be essential to safeguarding your business property. Consider the assets and items you transport daily within your company car or truck—these are items that critical to your operations and success.

Interested in learning more? At Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. we’d be happy to help you determine whether or not inland marine coverage should be a priority for your business. Give us a call and you can eve receive your free inland marine insurance today!