RV Insurance

At Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. we understand that with some of your greatest pleasures and hobbies come some serious risks. That’s why we are happy to lend our insurance expertise to ensure that you are adequately protected in all that you do—specifically if you spend time in an RV or on a specialty off-road vehicle.

RV Coverage:

Buying and owning an RV is a dream-come-true for many travelers across the country. An RV opens up the door to America allowing vacationers to see the many splendors and sights our great nation has to offer. Whether you are climbing a winding road in the Rockies, trudging through the hot desert of the southwest or heading east to the Nation’s Capitol, an RV can get you there.

Your new RV comes with a responsibility to protect and secure it from the dangers of America’s roadways. RV insurance coverage with Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. will protect your traveling companions and assets while you are on the road.

RV’s are used for a variety of purposes. Keep in mind that your RV insurance premiums will vary depending on the type and amount of usage you get out of your vehicle.

Off-Road Vehicles:

From the moment you strap on those goggles, tighten those gloves and pull on your helmet, you know it’s time to tear it up. With miles of wilderness out there waiting for you, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have the right insurance coverage.

That’s why at Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. we’re here to take that worry away—our years of experience insuring RV and specialty off-road have enabled us to create customized coverage plans that take your individual needs – and your specific ATV – into consideration.

With coverage options that can include a wide range of components from safety apparel to liability, we can make sure you are protected from head to toe. We even offer additional coverage options that protect additional equipment like hunting and sports racks, windshields, after-market parts and accessories, even your trailer.

So why don’t you focus on enjoying your free time—and leave the insurance to us. Contact Stirling Insurance Services, Inc. today, for an evaluation of your RV and Off-Road Vehicle needs!